Chrome 74 is officially rolling out today for Windows, Mac, and Linux, marking the introduction of a new dark mode for Windows 10 users. The same dark mode arrived last month on macOS with Chrome 73, and today’s update includes automatic Windows 10 support. Chrome will automatically theme itself to match if a dark mode is enabled on Windows 10. The end result makes Chrome look almost identical to the browser’s darker Incognito Mode menu bars.

While Google is enabling this new dark mode on Windows, the company hasn’t fully switched it on for all Chrome users just yet. “I can confirm that we are rolling out this feature to a small number of Chrome M74 users now, and that it will become more widely available in the near future,” explains a Chrome community manager. If you don’t want to wait for Google to fully enable this, there’s a shortcut trick to force dark mode:

  • Find the shortcut you use to launch Chrome and open the properties
  • Add “–force-dark-mode” to the end of the target location (without quotes)
  • Launch Chrome and dark mode will be enabled. If you usually launch Chrome from a pinned taskbar item, you’ll need to right click the shortcut trick and then unpin / pin to taskbar again for this to hold

Chrome 74 also includes a number of other changes that aren’t as obvious to spot visually. Chrome’s animation features can now be disabled to reduce motion sickness, and there’s a new policy to block websites from detecting Incognito Mode.

Chrome 74 is available to download from Google’s Chrome site


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