About Us

Awake9ja – Awake9ja.com has been created to develop a strong attachment with the Information Technology Industry; it’s a portal for people who want to find all about the world of technology, in general a platform where people from all spheres of life visit to explore information and share it with their colleagues, friends and families.

Developing awareness in Technologies around the world. The aim is to provide the latest updates, events happening and many more pieces of information to the nation both at home and in the diaspora.

At Awake9ja – Awake9ja.com, you can share your ideas, articles, queries, suggestions and feedback because the goal of any website is to communicate. We would love to publish your news, stories, updates and articles of any local, national or international pattern.

The journey to a thousand miles begin with a step in the right direction, but without the right information, you can’t be at the right direction. We at Awake9ja believes that wisdom is the rightful application of knowledge and knowledge can’t be harnessed without right information.

Nigeria is a nation whose youths are not truly informed in terms of Technology, and so many of our people are only focused on politics and leave out the most important of all, which can improve our nation; that is Technology. We are here to drive in ICT into the hearts and homes of every Nigerian.

We will cover fresh stories big and small – stories that are breaking, developing or otherwise driving the collective daily conversation, along with some items we find interesting and worth sharing in the ICT World.