Kwese Satellite TV shutting down Permanently in Africa

Zimbabwe’s Econet Wireless Ltd. will shut its African pay-TV unit due to the country’s economic condition and shortage of foreign currency, group Chief Executive Officer Douglas Mboweni said.

How to Send PayPal Money Directly to Your Bank Account Worldwide using Xoom

Xoom, a PayPal service allows you to send your PayPal money to any Nigerian Naira account and it’ll be deposited instantly. This is not just Nigeria but you can...

New 9mobile Offer – Get 7GB Bonus When you buy 1GB Data

This is coming just few weeks after MTN review their data plans giving more data for the same price, 9mobile want to offer you something more enticing.

Download Netflix Pro Mod to Stream Netflix movies for free

Let me guess, Kodi is not new to you even though most of you have been using it ages back. But this is more like a refresher, should in...

How much money you will save if you cancel DStv and get Netflix

Pay-TV services are under big pressure from Netflix and Amazon around the world. MultiChoice, DStv’s parent, has said that satellite TV is an established, mature industry “looking...

Beware of this Google Play Store app that steals your Gmail Username and Password

Android operating system always faces one form of malware attack or the other, probably because it’s one of the most use operating system in the world.

Your Windows 10 will now be Passwordless

Password sucks, people love to reuse them across every website and on their personal devices again and again… this is why Microsoft wants to completely get rid of it.


Dear readers, and every one out there who intends to make money, to support their job, because, just as a wise man said, "the more the money, the more...

Facebook program that pays participants to share info about how they use apps.

Here comes a Facebook program called 'STUDY' that pays participants to share info about how they use apps. This helps them build better products for the Facebook community.

Facebook CryptoCurrency ‘Globalcoin’, Launching this Month

According to reports, Facebook cryptocurrency may launch this month and employees have the options to be paid with the cryptocurrency token or hard cash. Besides, Global launch for the...